The Wiilder Company
Wiilder World is a publishing and entertainment company that dreams up, creates, publishes and distributes action sports-themed content characterized by deep authenticity and wild imagination. By using action sports as a vehicle, we aim to use our “Wiilder” universe to support and motivate youth and the young-at-heart to engage with and explore sport and the outdoors. Beyond aspiring to “get people out there”, Wiilder World products integrate science, geography, culture and human physiology. By contextualizing these typically “academic” themes to increase meaning and relevance, we seek to sow interest among individuals, as well as start conversation among family and classmates. For us at Wiilder, the sharing of “story” and passing along of wisdom, passion, and community begins with action sports!


The Wiilder Team

Team Wiilder is intercontinental, coming from nine time zones away from each another. One of us was raised peddling on the soft, moss-flanked and often root-tangled trails winding under the seasonally colored canopies of Denmark’s deciduous forests and paddling in the gale-force wind driven waves of the Baltic and North seas. The other was raised hiking, sliding, dirt jumping and tearing down dusty, aromatic single tracks in Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Mountains and playing in the big blue Pacific. Each of us has dirt and salt in our bones, bike grease and surf wax under our nails and powdery mountains on our minds.

We have traveled and lived around the world, shared surf with fellow wave-riders in more than 25 countries on six continents, across the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans and in notoriously fickle and often frigid European seas.

We have hiked in and ridden mountains on bikes, skis and boards in Scandinavia, across the Alps, the Pyrenees, around the Mediterranean, throughout the Western United States, up to volcanic rims in Central America, to escarpments and lonely wildernesses in Southern Africa and deep in the Philippines’ Cordillera.

Wiilder World is inspired by the incredible people, places, adventures, wildlife and things that we have experienced along the way. We are dedicated to Wiilder World as a vehicle to share stoke, knowledge and above all else — inspire wanderlust!


If you don't go, you'll never know